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"Our Love Story"



"Every true Christian Love Story that is worth telling has a unique history that goes far back beyond the time when two people first meet and fall in love.   An infinite number of circumstances, some big, some small, and most, only known to an all-knowing God, must fall into place before they fall in love." — Chapter 1



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Chapter Highlights

  1. "I Am My Beloved's"
  2. Steps Along the Way—John
  3. Steps Along the Way—Linda
  4. A Challenge and a Step of Faith—Linda
  5. A Challenge and a Step of Faith—John
  6. The Crossing of Paths
  7. To the "Regions Beyond"
  8. Indonesia—John
  9. Venezuela—Linda
  10. Deep waters—John
  11. "Till Death Us Do Part"—Linda
  12. "Till Death Us Do Part"—John
  13. The Healing of Hearts—John
  14. The Healing of Hearts—Linda
  15. Happy Days Ahead!
  16. First Date
  17. Wedding Bells
  18. An Unforgettable Honeymoon!
  19. One Family, One Purpose
  20. A New Ministry
  21. Together, Their Journey Continues


Please feel free to download (Microsoft Word 444KB) "Our Love Story" and read it at your leisure.  It is our prayer that God will be glorified and that you will be challenged with the wonderful truth, that God can use anyone who is willing to "step out in faith" and follow Him.


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