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Can you name the "top-two" prayer requests?

Your answer probably is:


  • The salvation of the unsaved


  • For those who have health problems



Missionaries with New Tribes Mission have the same prayer requests:


  • The salvation of tribal people


  • For members of their family or their friends who are sick



Our ministry primarily involves the administration of the NTM Medical Plan.  NTM owns and operates its own self-funded Medical Insurance Plan.  This year, the Medical Plan will process over $3.5 Million worth of medical claims for NTM missionaries and their dependents.


The purpose of the NTM Medical Plan is to insure that catastrophic medical bills do not become the financial responsibility of a missionary and those who support them financially.


We are involved in insuring that the Medical Plan continues to remain financially "healthy," despite the spiraling rise in health care costs each year.  Our responsibilities also include the updating of the annual Policy booklet, answering missionaries' many questions, either by phone, letters, or e-mails, insuring that claims are processed accurately and quickly, updating the roster each month, paying various vendors, etc.


We are also responsible for administrating the NTM Life Insurance Plan and the NTM Medical Emergency Evacuation Insurance.



Reaching tribal people with the Gospel requires a large team of Christians, each working together in the ministry that God has given them. You are part of this team, as together; we are involved in taking the Gospel to tribal people, for the very first time.  We are thankful to God for each of you who faithfully prays for us and sends us financial gifts.


"For we are laborers together with God."

1 Cor. 3:9


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