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"Our Love Story" - Chapter 18


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An Unforgettable Honeymoon!


"My beloved spoke, and said unto me,

Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away."

Song of Solomon 2:10


John and Linda flew to Toronto, Canada for their honeymoon.  Sarah and Timmy rode back to Wisconsin with Grandpa and Grandma in John and Linda's car.  Mom and Dad McGhee stayed several extra days in Florida in order to give the newlyweds time together at their home in Canada.


The first few days of their honeymoon were spent in complete bliss.  After a day or two at John's parents' home, they drove to Algonquin Park, in northern Ontario and then east to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.  They walked arm in arm along the Rideau Canal and ate in quaint little restaurants in downtown historical Ottawa.  They visited various places of interest along the St. Lawrence River on their way back to Toronto.


All too soon, it was time to fly to Wisconsin, to pick up Timmy and Sarah, before driving back to Florida.


John gave the US Immigration officer his passport.  His heart began to beat faster after the US Immigrations officer asked him where he was a resident. (He never did like going through Immigration when traveling overseas.)  He replied, "Ontario."


"How long ago has it been since you last lived in Ontario?"  The officer asked.


John thought for a few moments.  "Around five years, sir."


"Then you are not a resident of Ontario, Mr. McGhee, are you?"


That is when John began to stutter and the more that he said the more the Immigrations officer was convinced that he should not let him cross the border into the United States of America.


"Sir, your wife is free to enter the United States.  However, you will have to stay in Canada because you do not have a proper visa for living in the USA."


Linda quickly spoke up and informed the Immigration's officer that she was not about to leave her husband in Canada!  The glint in her eyes and her firm voice said it all.  She would stay with John!  However, by that time, all of their suitcases were already on their way to Wisconsin.


Thus, John and Linda's blissful honeymoon quickly turned "south!"  They would have to stay in Canada.


The following nine days were filled with high tension.  The US Consulate informed John that he would have to apply for a US visa in order to obtain his "Green Card".  "How long would that take?" he asked.


"At least 6 months, Mr. McGhee" he was told.


John found out from the US Consulate that he needed both of their original birth certificates, their marriage certificate, their former spouses' death certificates and former marriage certificates, and several other important documents.  Of course, they did not have any of these documents on their honeymoon!


They asked their friend, Gideon Bader, to go through their personal paperwork in Linda's bedroom closet, back in Sanford.  The paperwork was then Overnight mailed to them in Toronto, and thus began the process of applying for John's US visa.


John also needed a chest x-ray, a physical, visa application photos and several Canadian references.  Advice was freely given by many people, which included crashing the border.  This was too risky, and besides, it was against the law.  They even began making plans to live at the NTM Canadian Headquarters in Durham, Ontario.  Much prayer went up to the Heavenly Father on their behalf.


Linda's Mom and Dad contacted their US Senator.  John contacted his Canadian Member of Parliament in Ottawa.


John submitted all of his paperwork to the US Embassy.  Each day seemed to crawl by.  Then nine days after John had been refused entry to the USA, he went in for one more interview at the US Consulate.  This interview resulted in some encouragement.  He was told that perhaps if he went to the airport right away and talked with the Immigration Supervisor, something might be done to help them.  They rushed home, and hastily packed their bags and were off to the airport.  This time John's plea to the Immigration officer went much better.


"Promise me that you will not return to Canada until you are called by the US Consulate in Toronto for your final interview, Mr. McGhee, which may be quite a few months from now." to the ears!


"Yes, sir, I promise!"


"And one more thing, Mr. McGhee, you cannot work while you are in the USA."


John promised, and he and Linda gave each other a great big hug.


The flight to Wisconsin went well and they were soon happily reunited with Timmy and Sarah.  The next few days were happily spent visiting with family and friends.  John met Linda's oldest sister and her brother for the first time. The return trip to Sanford was a happy time.  How thankful they were to their Heavenly Father for allowing John to live in America while his visa application was being processed.




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