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Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God,

with all thy heart, and with all thy soul,

and with all thy mind.


Matthew 22:37

February 2006

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                      


Happy Valentine’s Day, a day in which we especially thank the Lord for those special people whom He has brought into our lives, whose love and kindness brings to us much joy and happiness.  It is also a special time to think about the love that we are to have for our Heavenly Father--with all of our heart, soul and mind.  We love Him, because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)


Thank you for your support of our ministry with NTM.  Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.  And we want you to know how much we appreciate your prayers as well.  We continually thank the Lord for you!


We are thankful to report that I (Linda) am “on the mend.”  Thank you for praying for me.  The final test that I had (one of many) still wasn’t completely conclusive, but the specialist did diagnose me as having gastritis and esophagitis.  I am taking several medications, and it is taking some time, but we thank the Lord it was not more serious, nor requiring surgery.


We are enclosing an exciting update from the country of Thailand.  Please pray for the Prai tribal people, that many of them would come to know the Savior during 2006.


Thank you once again for praying for us.  Have a wonderful day!



Love In Christ,


John & Linda McGhee


New Tribes Mission • 1000 East First Street • Sanford, FL 32771



Dee teaching in Gem Forest2006.01.27


GEM FOREST, Thailand:


Electricity has come to the Prai village of Gem Forest.

Missionaries are glad because lights will be helpful for the evening teaching sessions. But electricity also brings the novelty of CD players and TV's to the remote village.


"There has been one TV in the village run by batteries, which had been drawing quite a crowd," wrote missionaries Dave and Fran Jordan.

Several Prai, however, decided that the Bible teaching is more important than keeping up with the nightly soap operas. In fact, the group has grown to about 35.

So Prai believers Ba-dee and E-shy, a husband and wife team, have begun teaching in Genesis 1 again for the newcomers, which provides a good review.

They spend three nights a week in Gem Forest, teaching Bible lessons to a beginners and an advanced class, and at times the couple does one on one teaching in the mornings as well.

Literacy classes also continue but with difficulty as attendance are inconsistent and people are at different levels of understanding. Sometimes other Prai believers assist Ba-dee and E-shy but most of the ministry falls on their shoulders.

Often Ba-dee and E-shy express their desire to be able to spend more time at Gem Forest. With responsibilities at home and three children in school, this is difficult. They are looking forward to March when school vacation begins and they can bring their children with them to stay longer in Gem Forest.

Pray for Dee and Shy, as they work to spread the light of the Gospel among their own people.


                                                                        Sent to you by John & Linda McGhee

                                                                        Missionaries with New Tribes Mission

                                                                        February 2006

                                                                        Adapted from


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