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May 2005

Dear Friends and Family,


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, to all of the mothers!  We trust it’s a wonderful day for you. 


Thank you for investing in and sacrificing for a ministry that will produce lasting “fruit,” that will endure for all eternity; tribal people coming to know Jesus as their Savior.  Yes, “It will be worth it all when we see Jesus.”  Thank you for allowing us to be “co-laborers together with God,” with you 1 Cor. 3:9


We recently read the following news from Venezuela, the country where Linda previously served before coming to the NTM Headquarters:



PARIMA, Venezuela: "We came because the leaders of our villages sent us. We need help...schools, medicines and we need God's Word."

Nine Yanomamis walked eight days through the jungle to ask for missionaries.

"We need to live differently," they continued. "We're scared of what's happening around us. We're being left behind."

"Will you come," they begged, "if we make an airstrip?"

The desperation they showed and the questions they asked NTM missionary Marg Jank would be repeated a few hours later to her son, Bobby, and NTM missionary pilot, Steffan Pyle.

Steffan couldn't understand the language but he did understand the body language, the gestures and expressions. He knew, in no uncertain terms, that these people were serious and desperate.

Bobby, who could understand their language, responded, "As you can see already, there are not a lot of missionaries here. And most of them don't speak your language well yet."

Jank could only promise to present their request to Christians back home, and pray that God would send someone to answer their plea.

The words still echo through Steffan's mind, "We're being left behind!"

Pray that God will provide laborers to this group of Yanamamo people of Venezuela as well as to other unreached tribes throughout the world.



Our youngest son, David, is now finished for this term with his subjects in both Cisco and Novell Networking.  He took all of his finals already.


Our second son, Jeffrey, finishes his FEAT (Florida Electrical Apprentice Training) this week.  He cannot get his Electrical Journeyman’s License until another year from now, when he has more hours in, and takes that test.  Then the Master Journeyman’s Test is a couple years after that with yet more hours in, etc.  That’s when he can pull permits for jobs, and is at the top of the ladder, electrical-wise.


Thank you again for your prayers for us, and for your faithful gifts of support that we appreciate so very much.  The Lord is truly using you in our lives and ministry.


  With gratefulness to all of you,
  John & Linda McGhee & Family


New Tribes Mission • 1000 East First Street • Sanford, FL 32771-1487


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