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For He (Jesus) is our peace...

Eph 2:14


Great peace have they who love thy law...

Ps 119:165


July 2005

Dear Friends,


Isn’t it wonderful to personally know Jesus, Who is our peace, as we live in a world that is rift with wars and rumors of wars, that is morally adrift, and where natural disasters can literally affect hundreds of thousands of people within a few moments or hours, and where countless numbers of people are desperately seeking peace..., but need to know the Prince of Peace.  As co-laborers together, with God, we have the wonderful privilege of being involved in taking the Gospel Message to all people around the world who have never once heard the name of Jesus.


We are thankful to each of you who have supported in in our ministry with New Tribes Mission.  We can see the Lord’s faithfulness to us, through you.  You are an answer to prayer!  Thank you for praying for us and for our family these days.  We continue to pray for you, our dear friends. 


I (John) was excited when I recently read an NTM article about Satukali, a Lauje Christian man who lives on a mountain of Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.  I met Satukali over 25 years ago while in Indonesia when we were about to move to Tinombo, the sleepy little town located at the foot of the mountain, where Satukali lives.  We thought that you would like to read this exciting story of how God has faithfully used this dear brother in Christ, in reaching his fellow Lauje tribal people with the Gospel.


We trust that you have a wonderful summer.  Once again, thank you for your faithful prayers and gifts of support of our ministry with New Tribes Mission.


  In Christ,
  John & Linda McGhee


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June 28, 2005

PONTIANAK, Indonesia: Listening to a tribal man expound on Romans thrilled NTM missionary Barrie Williamson.

Barrie and Satukali had spent the week revising the translation of the last eight chapters of Romans. Upon completion, the missionary asked the old Lauje man to explain the significance of chapters 9 to 11.

Without hesitation or stumble Satukali told of God's awesome eternal plan for Jew and Gentile alike. Using illustrations from the passages, he explained how rejection by the Jewish people meant opportunity for the Gentiles.

The words "How shall they hear without a preacher?" brought tears to Satukali's eyes as he recalled his early days reaching out to another distant Lauje group.

"Now that I am getting old," he said, "I don't think I could do what I did back then. There were days I was very tired and cold and wet. Sometimes I didn't have much to eat. But watching people come to understand, receive new life and begin to grow as Christians kept me going."

"Sometimes alone on the trek home, people would laugh at me as they heard me singing to the Lord. I couldn't help myself. I was filled with joy. I suppose it was like that for you too," he said with a smile.

"I'm so thankful that you came to share the good news about Jesus with us," he added.

Satukali's days of hardship are not just in his past. As he traveled home from the translation project, he was forced to flee the bus on which he was traveling when a group of men acted threateningly toward him. Sensing his life was in danger he ran to a police station and received an escort to another bus.

The work the two men did will now need to go through several more refining processes before publication. It is the next to last book to complete the Lauje New Testament.

Pray for the Lauje translation team as they make the final push. The last project is to revise 1 Corinthians.


From John & Linda McGhee

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